ACE Teaching Resources

Here you will find materials to assist teachers in incorporating academic civic engagement into college courses.

ACE Project Examples from Other Institutions (organized by discipline):

  • Accounting, Biology, Composition, Communication Studies, Environmental Science and 10 more disciplines.  AAC&U’s “Series on Service-Learning in the Disciplines”.  Case studies on service learning.  Available to borrow from the ACE Program office.
  • Business, Humanities, Social sciences, and STEM – The New York Times in Education Teaching ToolkitThe New York times collected examples of exemplary teaching with newspapers from colleges and universities that are part of the American Association for State Colleges and Universities (AASCU).  Course profiles detail all aspects of the course.
  • Education – Milwaukee Public Montessori Peace Summit: Nurturing Roots of Progress in Troubled Soil (Peace Summit PowerPoint) – “The Peace Summit is a free, annual, one-day event that serves as a catalyst to promote greater peace in our community.  The Peace Summit gives families, from neighborhoods throughout the city, the opportunity to communicate, collaborate and take action.” – Milwaukee Public Schools
  • Political Science – Teaching Civic Engagement:  From Student to Active Citizen (Political Science) – This website extends resources in the corresponding book written primarily for a political science educator audience. The website provides concrete examples of how educators from fields ranging from American government to comparative politics have built methods of teaching active citizenship into their coursework.
  • U.S. Latina/o Literature – Marisel Moreno (Notre Dame) reflects upon “the power of community-based learning to transform students’ attitudes toward literature, especially minority literatures.”  In this article, she describes her thought process as to why she chose to use this pedagogy, what the assignment was, and how her students responded.

Civic engagement course development

  • Civic Prompts: Making Civic Learning Routine Across the Disciplines (pdf).  “This article by AAC&U offers a process, or set of prompts, through which faculty can begin to increase student learning by defining discipline-specific civic lenses that explore the public purposes, civic inquiries, and actions embedded in their fields.” – AAC&U website for online version of this article.

ACE Teaching methods

  • Teaching Methods – This page links to descriptions of engaged teaching methods that can be adapted to all disciplines from the Science Education Resource Center (SERC) at Carleton College.
  • Service-Learning – This series of pages is also from the SERC library of teaching materials.  Included are the what, why, how, and examples of service-learning assignments.  The examples are science-based, but seeds of ideas can be gleaned for all disciplines and the best practices for service-learning apply across the curriculum.


  • Campus Compact Resources – Find blog posts, books and publications, sample syllabi, and campus civic action plans. Use search and filter functions to narrow resources.

Institutional impact

  • Anchor Institutions Task Force Literature Review (pdf) – Annotated bibliography of literature written in 2013 and 2014 focusing on the role of anchor institutions in community and economic development.  Articles in this collection discuss and analyze the community engagement of anchor institutions, particularly colleges and universities.

Submit a Teaching Resource

Email Alyssa Herzog Melby, Assistant Director for Academic Civic Engagement, if you have a teaching resource that you would like to contribute to the St. Olaf ACE Teaching Resources Collection.