Edel Ytterboe Ayers

The Old Main

This book, written by Edel Ytterboe Ayers and published in 1969, is “dedicated to the rare and beautiful spirit which embodies the alumni and the friends of St. Olaf College.”

Quarter Centennial Souvenir, 1874-1899

A souvenir booklet, dedicated by the alumni association on the first 25 years of St. Olaf College.

Gertrude Hilleboe

Manitou Analecta

A record of significant events in the history of the college as remembered by Gertrude Hilleboe. After her undergraduate days at St. Olaf, Hilleboe later occupied the position of Dean of Women for 43 years.

As It Was In The Beginning

Reflections about St. Olaf life in the college’s early days written from a woman’s standpoint. Georgina Dieson-Hegland, class of 1904, first published this work in 1950.

My Years at St. Olaf

Written by St. Olaf’s first manager of musical organizations, Paul G. Schmidt, this memoir recounts his near life-long association with St. Olaf with a special emphasis on his relationship with F. Melius Christiansen and the St. Olaf Choir.

Fifty Memorable Years at St. Olaf

Professor I. F. Grose’s history of the “College on the Hill” from its founding in 1874 to its golden jubilee celebration in 1925.


Ole Voices No. 1: Reminiscences

Reflections about St. Olaf life in the college’s early days written Mrs. Elise Kittelsby Ytterboe. Edited by Jeff M. Sauve, Assoc. College Archivist.


Ole Voices No. 2: Etiquette 101

Prof. Halvor T. Ytterboe’s 101 rules of etiquette and good behavior as prescribed to St. Olaf students in the late 19th century. Edited by Jeff M. Sauve, Assoc. College Archivist.

sauve image at chapel

“Tidbits From the Archives”

Associate Archivist, Jeff Sauve, highlights interesting facts from St. Olaf’s history.