Tidbits from the Archives


  • February: Ole Lore: 50 Years Ago…Choir Shares the Big Apple with The Beatles by Jeff Sauve
  • May: Ole Lore: United and True Until Manitou Falls by Jeff Sauve
  • November: Ole Lore: Sleep On It by Jeff Sauve


  • April:  Ole Lore: Fallout Shelters…50 Years Ago by Jeff Sauve
  • November:  Ole Lore: Up Close…Flaten Art Barn by Jeff Sauve
  • December:  Ole Lore: Caffeinated Campus by Jeff Sauve


  • February:  Ole Lore: Immortal Inscribers by Jeff Sauve
  • November:  Ole Lore: Veteran’s Day by Jeff Sauve


  • December:  Ole Lore: Remembering Dec. 7, 1941 by Jeff Sauve


  • April:  Big Island In the Old Geography by Maura De Chant ’07 [Madagascar missionary]
  • March: It All Comes Out in the Wash by Jeff Sauve [history of laundry at St. Olaf]
  • June: A Twisty Tale by Cate Redman by Jeff Sauve [1920 tornado touchdown]
  • September: The St. Olaf Rock by Jeff Sauve [history of the boulder on the quad]
  • October: Minnesota 150 by Jeff Sauve [St. Olaf connections in the Minnesota History Center’s exhibit]
  • November: Take a Seat by Jeff Sauve [St. Olaf’s marble bench, donated by the class of 1920]


  • November: Somewhere Between in Spirit by Jeff Sauve [Oles in World War II]
  • October: Pride of Presidents by Jeff Sauve [college president inaugural photo tradition]
  • September: Castle Rocks! by Jeff Sauve [sandstone formation at Castle Rock, Minnesota]
  • May: Nisei Oles by Jeff Sauve [admission of Japanese-American students to St. Olaf during WWII]
  • April: “Dancing: The Vertical Expression of Horizontal Desire” by Christopher Blum ’07 [ban on dancing until 1961]
  • March: Women & World War I by Maura De Chant ’07 [contributions by female students to the war effort]
  • February: A Hairy Affair by Jeff Sauve [beard growing contest of the 1940’s and 1950’s]


  • December: John Berntsens’s Living Legacy to Manitou Heights by Jeff Sauve [Berntsen’s contributions to St. Olaf’s landscape]
  • November: Let there be Light! by Jeff Sauve [Founders Day 1905 and electricity on campus]
  • October: Little Girl in Rocking Chair by Jeff Sauve [Matron Gjellerup and her daughter]
  • September: Salad Days of the Mighty Caesars by Jeff Sauve [1938 St. Olaf students called The Mighty Caesars]
  • August: Women of Spirit, Women of Faith by Jeff Sauve [Elise Kittelsby Ytterboe’s Journal]
  • June: The Heroine of the North: The Works of Sister Anna Huseth by Maura De Chant ’07 [missionary in Alaska]
  • May: Poetry on a Stick by Jeff Sauve [Carl Sandberg’s signing of the Spohn House bunk boards]
  • April: Recent Photo Donation by Jeff Sauve [early women’s physical education]
  • March: As it was in the Beginning Available Online by Gary DeKrey ’71 and Jeff Sauve [Georgina Dieson Hegland’s history of the college]
  • February: Calling All Oles by Jeff Sauve [the first telephones on campus]


  • December: St. Olaf Magazine Now Available Online for Years 1936-52 by Jeff Sauve [additions to database]
  • November: Pulling a President out of the Hat by Jeff Sauve [Ole politics in the 1888 U.S. presidential election]
  • October: Gifts Come in Many Flavors by Jeff Sauve [Oles in the 1962 quiz bowl]
  • May: St. Olaf Goes to the Movies by Jeff Sauve [The Gem Theater boycott]
  • April: Women and Athletics by Jeff Sauve [early women’s physical education]
  • March: The Death of Ytterboe by Gary DeKrey ’71 [centennial of Halvor T. Ytterboe’s Death, 1904]
  • February: Be my Valentine by Jeff Sauve [all-school Valentines, 1985]
  • January: Happy New Year by Jeff Sauve [The Ladies’ Hall Elm]


  • December: The Earliest St. Olaf Christmas Trees by Gary DeKrey ’71 [Christmas decorations, 1876]
  • October: The 80th Anniversary of the Burning of Hoyme Chapel by Jeff Sauve [Pres. Lars W. Boe’s correspondence regarding fire, 1923]
  • September: Student Life in Old Ytterboe Hall a Century Ago by Gary DeKrey ’71 [study of a photo/musicians]
  • August: “Eldri’s Scrapbook,” Part 2 by Jeff Sauve [1920’s student scrapbook, football]
  • July: “Eldri’s Scrapbook,” Part 1 by Jeff Sauve [1920’s student scrapbook, St. Olaf WSGA handbook]
  • June: “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” by Jeff Sauve [original Peanuts cartoon by Charles M. Shultz, 1955]