Disability and Access

Welcome to Disability and Access (DAC) for Students, a unit within the Academic Support Center. We are dedicated to ensuring equal access to educational opportunities, and the inclusion of all students with disabilities at St. Olaf College. DAC serves nearly 300 students with either temporary or permanent physical, health, learning, sensory, or psychological disabilities. Students partner with our office to establish services for their access and inclusion on campus.

Current DAC students log into myDAC for:

  • accommodation letters
  • alternate testing
  • notes from notetakers
  • books in alternate format

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The myDAC Student Guide

Learn how to use myDAC – your online Accommodation Information Management system.

Paid Notetaker Positions available!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a DAC notetaker. By becoming a notetaker you are making a significant contribution to one of your classmates. Please read through the following information carefully so that you can have a complete understanding of the process.

Notetaker Responsibilities

As a notetaker, you are responsible for:

  • Taking neat, detailed notes during your assigned lectures
  • Scanning and emailing each day’s notes to your assigned student by 5 pm the same day of class.
  • Responding promptly to any communications from DAC or from the student(s) receiving your notes

As a notetaker, you will receive a $60 stipend per semester. You are responsible for completing your assignments in a timely manner without much supervision. Becoming a notetaker is a great way for students to improve their personal notetaking skills, help out a classmate, and earn a bit of money! Click the box below to go to the Notetaker Application. You will be asked to log in with your St. Olaf login credentials.

button to click on for getting to the notetaker application

After filling out the Notetaker Application, your name will be kept in a pool of Notetakers for the classes you indicate in the application. When a notetaker is needed for that particular class, you will be notified to see if you are still available and interested.

Fill out a new application for each semester (as your classes will change!)