Faculty Teaching Fellows

The Faculty Teaching Fellows are an ACM-funded cohort of faculty at St. Olaf, Carleton, and Luther Colleges, practiced in peer observation of teaching, who can provide compassionate, low-stakes, formative support for their colleagues’ teaching outside of the context of formal review processes. In doing so, we hope to strengthen teaching cultures and build community at all three institutions. There are many ways to work with Faculty Teaching Fellows – click here to get started.

Why might you sign up to work with a Faculty Teaching Fellow?

If you’ve tried out a new pedagogy during the pandemic and aren’t sure how it’s going – sign up! 

If you’re interested in learning from someone outside of your discipline or from another institution – get in touch! 

If you’re coming up for review and want to both get some practice at peer observation and see whether your attempts to implement the student feedback you’ve been getting have been successful – we’re here for you!

If you’re a non-tenure-track faculty member who never gets observed – this is for you!

If you’re a senior faculty member who will be observing junior colleagues and you would like the experience of being observed to inform how you observe others – reach out!
Click here to request any of the following services:
  • Faculty Teaching Fellow observation of your class
  • Observe a Faculty Teaching Fellow teach their class
  • Review teaching materials with a Faculty Teaching Fellow
  • Participate in a Faculty Teaching Fellow-facilitated microteaching practice session outside of class

Once we receive your request, we will try to get back to you within a week connecting you with one of the Teaching Fellows.

We’ve learned that there is no cookie-cutter approach to peer observation of teaching. Peer observation of teaching is most beneficial when everyone involved approaches the process with open-mindedness and curiosity.  To be a good observer is to approach the process with a particular mindset. Effective peer observers are…
    • Humble
    • Generous
    • Reciprocal (all participants are learning)
    • Collegial (no ulterior agenda)
    • Dialogical
    • Cheerleaders
    • Allies

The 2022-2023 Faculty Teaching Fellows are:

Jessica Benson (St. Olaf College)
Chris Calderone (Carleton College)
Vera Coleman (Carleton College)
Fernando Contreras (Carleton College)
Bridget Draxler (St. Olaf College)
Tracey Engleman (St. Olaf College)
Rehanna Kheshgi (St. Olaf College)
Nancy Gates Madsen (Luther College)
Candace Moore (Carleton College)
Holly Moore (Luther College)
Maryna Nading (Luther College)
Anna Peterson (Luther College)
Juliane Schicker (Carleton College)
Kaethe Schwehn (St. Olaf College)
David Walmsley (St. Olaf College)
Center Directors/Program Organizers
Louis Epstein (St. Olaf College)
Kate Elliott (Luther College)
Melissa Eblen-Zayas (Carleton College)
Victoria Morse (Carleton College)
6 St. Olaf Faculty

5 Carleton Faculty

4 Luther Faculty

Resources for Peer Observation

Over the course of a two-day workshop, the Faculty Teaching Fellows developed peer observation skills, practiced giving and receiving feedback, and reflected on issues of positionality and power. In the hope that our workshop materials might benefit others seeking to strengthen the culture of peer observation at their institutions, we’re sharing some of the readings, worksheets, and peer observation exercises that proved formative for us.