Leveraging Small Groups and Seminars

Leveraging Small Groups and Seminars in Teaching and Learning

Co-facilitators: Paul Jackson (Chemistry & Environmental Studies) and Kathy Tegtmeyer Pak (Asian Studies & Political Science)

Description: We invite you to join us in sharing and applying tips, best practices and action items for setting up effective small groups and seminars that will allow our students to thrive this fall. The teaching and learning literature illustrates that intentionally designed small group activities and seminars enable students to realize learning outcomes. We will explore what works and common challenges facing the instructor and learners in these pedagogies, informed by our own experiences and yours. We will reference universal design of learning principles throughout our conversations to make sure we attend to issues of equity and accessibility. 

— What core student needs do small groups and seminars meet?
— How can they be realized through hybrid teaching?

Workshop participants will…
— discuss and share their understanding of best practices for small groups and seminars
— design or redesign a component of a course they are teaching with lessons learned.