Upper Level Studio Art (Non-Digital)

This is a course with a significant hands-on component that seeks to focus in-person time on hands-on learning and put other materials into asynchronous materials.

Course type

Upper level studio art – non-digital


Bronze Casting, Painting, Printmaking, Advanced Drawing

Class size

15-20, Single Sections

Room capacity


Asynchronous Remote

Some video lectures/demos/resources, readings, discussion groups.

Synchronous Remote

Synchronous classroom activities – live streamed class and Zoom-like gatherings. Mixed discovery activities (collaborative design thinking/brainstorming), short clarifying presentations/demos by instructor, critiques?

Live In-Person

Demos, crits, group activities – ie bronze pouring, life drawing, still life drawing


Midterm critiques and/or conferences, final crit.


Studio projects – short exercises and longer duration projects, brief writings, readings

Individual Appointments

One-on-one critiques and assistance. Could be a mix of live and remote.