Upper Level Theory

This example demonstrates different models of course delivery for both synchronous and asynchronous instruction.

Course type

Music Theory/Aural Skills


Music 214: Post-tonal Musicianship

Class size

≈20, multiple sections

Room capacity

CHM 232 = 27 seats (while socially distancing = 10?)


Model 1: Written theory & analysis, delivered via recorded lectures
Model 2: Aural skills, delivered via recorded demonstration of skills & concepts


Model 1: In-class aural skills, singing together to acquire skills & concepts in real time
Model 2: In-class written theory & analysis via activities & brief lectures/demonstrations


6, total exams. One every two weeks for most of the semester.


Written theory homework due periodically, aural skills homework also due periodically. All work done by hand, but scanned and submitted electronically.

Individual Appointments

2 or 3 times per semester, students demonstrate aural skills by recording a performance and submitting the recording electronically.


3, total. Students electronically submit original compositions at the end of each unit.