Psychology Major

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate knowledge of
1. the discipline, including but not limited to
a. history
b. major theories and empirical findings
c. methods
d. levels of analysis from the neuron to the neighborhood
e. connections to other areas within and beyond Psychology
f. applications beyond the classroom

2. scientific reasoning in Psychology including the ability to
a. find, understand, critically evaluate, and synthesize appropriate sources, including primary literature
b. design a study using appropriate methodology
c. analyze, quantify, summarize, and/or graphically depict original data
d. integrate findings with previous work
e. interpret results within and beyond Psychology
f. disseminate findings both orally and in writing, at levels appropriate for various audiences

3. ethical principles and standards in the science and application of Psychology

4. the influence of culture and diversity on the field of Psychology

April 2016