Provost and Dean of the College

The Provost and Dean of the College facilitates and oversees the academic program and those who, with their diverse skills and expertise, support teaching and learning at St. Olaf College. This website provides information, forms, and useful links for faculty members, department chairs, program directors, and other academic professionals. It also provides links to information pertaining to the major faculty governance bodies, including the Faculty Meeting; the Assessment, Curriculum, Faculty Governance, Faculty Life, and Tenure and Promotion Committees; and the Academic Leadership group.


Important resources that can be found in the menu at right include:

  • Faculty professional development opportunities (under the For Faculty heading)
  • Information about all types of faculty reviews (under For Academic Leaders heading)
  • Faculty committee structure and current membership
  • Common forms associated with the academic division


Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision of a beloved, diverse, community created through a “qualitative change in our souls,” St. Olaf College joyfully embraces diversity among its students, staff and faculty members, and alumni. “Rooted and Open” calls us to see ourselves both as the neighbor and as serving our neighbors. In both capacities, we work to build a community where all can thrive and find meaningful belonging. Members of the college community uplift and engage in mutual education about our diversity—such as race, religion and faith tradition, background and circumstance, gender and gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, differences in ability, political outlook, belief and perspective, and other elements of core identity—and recognize the part that each of us plays in ensuring that St. Olaf is a diverse and beloved community.