Spanish Major

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate:

  1. language proficiency – proficiency in listening, reading and writing at the Advanced-Mid level and in speaking in the range of Intermediate-Mid to Intermediate-High as defined by The American Council on the Teach of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).
  2. textual competence – the ability to comprehend and analyze a wide range of texts, taking account of factors such as text type, audience, purpose, organization, discourse conventions, rhetorical elements, and linguistic features, as well as historical, geographical, cultural, and intellectual context.
  3. interaction within a community of practice – the ability to participate in a community of practice whose members, both individually and together, examine topics related to the French-/Spanish-speaking world, past or present, by applying their knowledge of discourses as well as their ability to work across the languages and cultures.

April 2008