Frequently Asked Questions

Please Note: The following FAQs are intended for Admitted Transfer Students.


Do I need to do anything before arriving to St. Olaf?
The Destination St. Olaf website is our web portal for all new students. Students admitted mid-year will notice that the dates listed on the Destination page are not applicable to a mid-year arrival, however, much of the information is still relevant to you. One of the most essential things to do is activate your new St. Olaf email account. Please do this as soon as possible and check it frequently.

When do I register for classes?

Read more about registration. Questions regarding your transcript evaluation can be sent to

Should I take the online placement surveys?

If you have previously studied Chinese, French, German, Japanese, or Spanish language, it is important that you complete the placement survey/exam for that language.  Your placement result will inform you which course level you would take should you decide to continue your study in that specific language.  You are encouraged to study any of the world languages offered at St. Olaf.  Students opting to study a language with no prior coursework, would begin with 111 course level.

Transfer students should take the Mathematics Placement Survey, even if you don’t intend to take further courses in Mathematics.  Complete a language survey if you have studied the language previously and plan to continue with that language.  And, complete the Chemistry and/or Computer Science surveys if you plan to study those subjects.

When will I learn who my roommate(s) will be?  Can I have a single room?  When do I move in?

Roommate assignments typically go out in early July (late December for mid-year transfer students). Roommate Preference forms are utilized for this process and most transfer students room with students who have specifically applied to have a transfer roommate. Unfortunately, single room requests cannot be accommodated unless medical conditions or other special considerations exist. Contact Pamela McDowell if you need single room accommodations due to special circumstances.

What happens during Transfer Orientation days?   Am I required to attend these?

Yes, transfer students will attend Transfer Orientation.  Although you are a transferring from a different college or university, you are a new student at St. Olaf College. You will have an opportunity to meet faculty/staff, learn about academic majors/concentrations, learn about resources available on campus, make course choices for registration, and ask specific questions you may have as you discover St. Olaf. Additionally, Joshua Lee ( and the Transfer Counselor team will make sure your transition to the other parts of campus is smooth and enjoyable as well! January and February Transfer Orientation is more abbreviated, but consists of similar content.