O. C. and Patricia Boldt Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Humanities

Established in 1994 by Oscar C. Boldt and his wife Patricia Hamar Boldt, the Boldt chair is offered to a current St. Olaf faculty member whose scholarship and professional endeavors advance the teaching and learning of humanities at the baccalaureate level. Oscar Boldt is chairman of The Boldt Group, Inc., a family-owned consulting and construction firm headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin since 1889. The Boldt Chair is awarded for terms of three years; prior holders are James Farrell (History), Carol Holly (English),  Edward Langerak (Philosophy), Gordon Marino (Philosophy), Diana Postlethwaite (English), Solveig Zempel (Norwegian), John Barbour (Religion) and Steve Reece (Classics).

Current Chair:

Judy Kutulas is professor of history and American studies and director of women’s studies at St. Olaf College.

She is author of After Aquarius Dawned: How the Revolutions of the Sixties became the Popular Culture of the Seventies, The American Civil Liberties Union and the Making of Modern Liberalism, 1930-1960, and The Long War: The Intellectual People’s Front and Anti-Stalinism, 1930-1940. Her research, mostly on gender and popular culture, has appeared in anthologies such as Impossible to Hold: Women and Culture in the 1960s (New York University Press), Disco Divas: Women and Popular Culture in the 1970s (University of Pennsylvania Press), and The Sitcom Reader (State University of New York Press). An essay is forthcoming in The Journal of Popular Culture.

Kutulas’ expertise earned her an on-camera interview for the BBC documentary Classic Albums: Carly Simon’s No Secrets. She was also a historical consultant for the 2017 PBS documentary American Reds: A History of the American Communist Party, which received the National Endowment for the Humanities Grant.

Kutulas earned her Ph.D. in History from the University of California at Los Angeles. She served as chair of the History Department from 2012-2015.