First Comprehensive Reappointment Review

Student reviews of teaching for a first comprehensive review

In a first comprehensive reappointment review, the student reviews of teaching are administered and summarized by the department.  The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (IE&A) provides the chair with a sample of students selected in accordance with the chair’s instructions.

Guidelines for completing a Sampling Request form
IE&A sends the chair a customized sampling request form for each faculty member undergoing a comprehensive reappointment review. These guidelines will assist chairs in completing the form so that the resulting sample will be representative of the faculty member’s teaching assignments.

Student Review of Teaching forms and guidelines
Departments determine which form to use and how to customize the content to the faculty member’s instructional responsibilities and practices. This link provides access to available forms reflecting the Standards for Faculty Evaluation and guidelines for preparing additional questions.

Chair’s request for student reviews of teaching
Letters from the chair to the students who will be asked to complete a student review of teaching; links open as Word documents that chairs may edit and send.