Post-tenure Reviews

Post-tenure reviews are normally conducted in the fourth year after a faculty member completes a sabbatical.  The information below reflects the procedures for post-tenure reviews.

Faculty Manual provisions for post-tenure reviews
Text of Section 4.VI.A (Standards for Faculty Evaluation), and Section 4.VI.C.1 (Post-Tenure Review Process)

Post-tenure review implementation guidance
A memo from the Faculty Life Committee describing the activities and a suggested timeline for conducting a post-tenure review

Course evaluations for post-tenure reviews
As part of the post-tenure review process, tenured faculty are to administer course evaluations in at least two courses each academic year, and make the results available to the department chair. The electronic *St. Olaf Course Evaluation Form* is well-suited to this purpose; it was developed by a faculty-student study group convened by the St. Olaf Curriculum Committee, accommodates a wide range of courses and teaching styles, and can be completed in less than ten minutes.  The form may be administered in one of two ways:

  • Electronic administration:  Log into Form Creator using your St. Olaf email username and password.  Click “here” in the box labeled “Prepare a Form” on the right-hand side of the page that opens after you have logged in.  The *St. Olaf Course Evaluation Form* template will be listed first under “Prepare From Template.”  Click “Use” next to the title of the form and enter the information needed to make the form available to the students in the relevant course(s).  Form Creator will automatically aggregate results for multiple-choice questions.  To give the department chair access to the results, enter the chair’s username in the field for “Share Results With” when you are preparing the form for administration.
  • Paper administration:  Some instructors prefer to administer course evaluations on paper during class.  The paper St. Olaf Course Evaluation Form in Word can be printed as is or adapted to the specifics of a particular course or instructional practice.  If an instructor chooses paper administration, only the summarized results (not the individually-completed forms) need to be shared with the chair.

Additional information about developing and administering course evaluations
While the St. Olaf Course Evaluation Form is recommended for purposes of post-tenure review, instructors are free to use other forms, including those they develop themselves.  This link will take you to the general course evaluation section of the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness website, with guidelines for developing course evaluation questions, examples of other course evaluation forms, sample text assuring students of confidentiality, and additional information about administering evaluations electronically or on paper.