Post-Tenure Reviews

Post-tenure reviews are normally conducted in the fourth year after a faculty member completes a sabbatical. There are two separate features of this process – yearly course evaluations and a periodic professional development conversation with the faculty member’s department chair(s) and/or associate dean(s). Both are designed to be formative and supportive.

Course evaluations for post-tenure reviews
As part of the post-tenure review process, tenured faculty are to administer course evaluations in at least two courses each academic year and make the results available to the department chair.
Additional information about developing and administering course evaluations

Professional development conversation
During the fourth year after a sabbatical, each tenured faculty member will have a conversation with his/her department chair(s) and/or associate dean(s) about how the College might best support the faculty member’s career objectives. This conversation will be based on a professional development plan drafted by the faculty member and shared with the department chair before October 1 of that year. The professional development plan will be a reflection on the faculty member’s contributions to the mission of the College over the previous three years (including information about professional activity, service to the College, teaching, and advising) and a projection of ideas for the future. The faculty member may incorporate peer review.

Faculty Manual provisions for post-tenure reviews
Text of Section 4.VI.A (Standards for Faculty Evaluation), and Section 4.VI.C.1 (Post-Tenure Review Process)

Suggested department chair timeline related to the PTR process
Spring: Receive list from Associate Dean of faculty members scheduled for a professional development conversation in the following academic year.

Summer: Contact faculty scheduled for professional development conversation, requesting a professional development plan by October 1.

Early September: Remind all tenured faculty of the requirement that they administer a course evaluation in at least one-third of the classes taught in your department.

By October 1: Receive a professional development plan from all faculty identified by the Associate Dean for a professional development conversation. Schedule the conversations with the faculty members.

Early February: Contact department faculty to remind them of their obligation to administer, and share with you, at least two course evaluations.

April: Receive list from Associate Dean of next year’s candidates for a professional development conversation.

May: Complete any remaining professional development conversations.