Pre-tenure Sabbatical Leaves

One-semester sabbatical leaves may be awarded to untenured faculty with tenure-track appointments who have claimed no more than one year of prior service in establishing the tenure probationary period and who have been reappointed after at least one comprehensive review conducted according to the procedures in the Faculty Manual, Section 4.III.K. The leave period shall count as part of the probationary period before tenure.

Pre-tenure sabbatical leaves are normally taken in the year prior to the faculty member’s tenure review. A pre-tenure sabbatical leave may not be taken in the year of the faculty member’s tenure review. Eligibility for a sabbatical leave following a pre-tenure sabbatical leave normally comes after a further six years of service.

The sabbatical leave has grown out of a recognition of the need and desirability for each faculty member to have an opportunity at regular intervals for professional growth and renewal. The purpose of the sabbatical leave program is to strengthen the faculty by providing opportunity for faculty members to improve their competence as creative and interpretive teachers.

A leave is a period of time during which the individual has no on-campus responsibilities. Whether the leave is taken in Northfield or at another location is immaterial, as long as no on-campus teaching, advising, committee, departmental, or other duties are expected. A complete explanation of sabbatical leaves can be found in the Faculty Manual, Section 4.VIII.