Second Comprehensive Reappointment Review

Student reviews of teaching for a second comprehensive review

In a second comprehensive reappointment review, IE&A administers and summarizes the student review of teaching, using a standard form customized to the candidate in consultation with the department chair.  IE&A also selects the sample of students to be invited to complete the form, using information provided by the chair in a sampling request form.

Guidelines for preparing a Sampling Request form
IE&A sends the chair a customized sampling request form for each faculty member undergoing a comprehensive reappointment review.  These guidelines will assist chairs in completing the form so that the resulting sample will be representative of the faculty member’s teaching assignments.

Student Review of Teaching forms and guidelines
For the second comprehensive reviews, IE&A uses the Student Review of Teaching for Faculty Reappointment questionnaire that closely resembles the form for tenure and promotion reviews.  Using the questionnaire preparation guidelines, the department chair, in consultation with the faculty member under review, can prepare up to two additional questions for the form.  Guidelines for preparing questions – This document provides advice about preparing or modifying a student review form and example questions for departments that will yield valid and reliable responses from students.