Special Appointment Reviews

Special appointment reviews occur in the academic year when the faculty member completes the equivalent of six years of full-time service.  The information below describes the review process.

Policies governing special appointment reviews
Section 4.III.H of the St. Olaf Faculty Manual

Standards for Faculty Evaluation
Section 4.VI.B of the St. Olaf Faculty Manual

Special appointment dossier contents and review process
Information about each element of a special appointment review dossier and the process and timeline for the review

Special appointment activities by semester
An overview of the major activities for chairs, special appointment faculty members, and other participants in the review process, beginning in the spring semester of the academic year prior to the review

Special appointment review process – calendar
A detailed description of the timeline and tasks involved in the preparation of the dossier

Student reviews of teaching for special appointment reviews
Information for initiators, candidates, and student committees, including the new Student Review of Teaching questionnaire keyed to the revised Standards for Faculty Evaluation and sampling request forms and guidelines

Peer reviews of teaching
Information and guidelines to support peer reviews of teaching in faculty reviews



Updated 2018