Tenure and Promotion Reviews: Student Reviews of Teaching

Initiators, candidates, and student committees collaborate with the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness to solicit and summarize reviews of a candidate’s teaching from a representative sample of the candidate’s students.  The student review process begins in the spring semester before the year of the faculty member’s candidacy and continues through mid-October.

For initiators and candidates
An overview of the responsibilities of initiators, candidates, and IR&E in the student review of teaching process

For student committees
Information about responsibilities and timelines for student committees

For student and alum reviewers
Information about the criteria and procedures for tenure and promotion reviews for students and alumni invited to complete a Student Review of Teaching questionnaire

Student Review of Teaching questionnaire
The questionnaire completed by students and alumni reflecting the Standards for Faculty Evaluations as stated by the St. Olaf faculty

Guidelines for preparing questions
Suggestions and examples for departments and student committees developing supplementary questions for the Student Review of Teaching questionnaire

Guidelines for preparing sampling instructions
Information to assist initiators in completing the Request for Sampling Instructions from provided by IR&E to initiators during the spring semester prior to the review