Tenure and Promotion Reviews

Interpretation of the Faculty Manual Regarding T&P in light of COVID-19  (updated for 2022-23)

Faculty Manual Provisions for Tenure and Promotion
Section 4.VII (Procedures for Granting Tenure and Promotion) of the St. Olaf Faculty Manual

T&P Handbook
A resource for candidates, initiators, and other participants in the preparation of materials for a candidate’s dossier.

Statements on Significant Scholarly/Artistic Work by department

Tenure and promotion review process – activities by semester
An overview of the major activities for initiators, candidates, and other participants in tenure and promotion reviews, beginning in Interim of the academic year prior to the candidacy and concluding with the public announcement of faculty receiving tenure and/or promotion

T&P dossier preparation calendar
A detailed description of the timeline and tasks involved in the preparation of the dossier

Initiator’s letters soliciting contributions to the dossier
Sample letters from the initiator to the various individuals specified in the Faculty Manual as contributors to the candidate’s dossier; links open as Word documents that initiators may download, edit, and send

Student reviews of teaching
Information for initiators, candidates, and student committees, including the new Student Review of Teaching questionnaire keyed to the revised Standards for Faculty Evaluation and sampling request forms and guidelines

Bias in course evaluations research

Peer reviews of teaching
Information and guidelines to support peer reviews of teaching in tenure and promotion reviews

Tenure-track reappointment process by year
An example of how/when reappointments occur during each year of a traditional 6-year tenure-track appointment