Student Testimonials

Josh King-Nobles ’21
Major: Physics and Math

“The community aspect of EnCon really distinguishes EnCon courses from other really interesting courses. It felt natural to talk about EnCon course material outside of class. I vividly remember spending many late nights in the Kittlesby computer lounge with my EnCon classmates to finish up our readings while getting distracted all the time since it was such a fun group.”

Julia Himmelberger ’22
Major: Political Science and French (Concentration: International Relations)

“I met one of my closest friends through EnCon and connected with so many other students that I’ve collaborated with across campus on environmental projects, student government, extracurriculars, and the like. Having a group of passionate students that care about the environment like you do is so SO helpful your first year, and continues and grows with you through your four years.”

Davis Moore ’23
Major: Environmental Studies, Music (B.A.)

“The section I was in got pretty close outside of the classroom, since we saw each other frequently living in Kittelsby and convened multiple times a week with the same core group. It gave me the courage to speak up more in class since I knew my classmates were supportive of new ideas, and people weren’t afraid to ask hard questions and think outside of the box. I can confidently say that I’m very glad I joined the program and can’t imagine what my freshman year would’ve been like without it! No other classes of mine last year provided that synergistic, community-centered learning environment, and I really enjoyed that element.”

Maddi Froiland ’19
Major: Environmental Studies (Concentration: Women & Gender Studies)

“I am always incorporating the environment and environmental education into my life. I switched out of an English major to Environmental Studies because of EnCon, and this major granted me the privilege of working at an Environmental Education Center in Palestine after I graduated.”