Are you interested in joining the Environmental Conversations program? Please fill out the EnCon application below by answering some questions about yourself, your academic interests, and your interest in the program.

Up to 40 students will be admitted into EnCon annually, on a rolling basis. Although applications are accepted into the summer months, interested incoming students are encouraged to apply early. All applicants will receive feedback on applications within weeks of applying.

All students admitted to the program will be assigned to the EnCon dorm. The shared living arrangement allows for conversation outside of the classroom, creating greater opportunities for connection and belonging.

Environmental Conversations is an option available to any admitted student and is compatible with all prospective majors. Because Environmental Conversations, American Conversations, Great Conversation and the Integrated Introduction to Chemistry and Biology (CH/BI) are all first-year programs, you may not be in both EnCon and AmCon, Great Con or CH/BI. However, you are free to combine EnCon with one of our other two sophomore-only Conversations programs, Asian Conversations and the Science Conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions