Room Scheduling and Event Planning

Room Information  If you are unfamiliar with rooms around campus, an easy way to get great information is in R25, the campus room scheduling software.  All the rooms listed in R25 are shown down the left side of the Webviewer.  Hover over the name of the room with your mouse, until it turns yellow,  for room details – capacity and (perhaps) a photo of the room.

Lion’s Pause Spaces are reserved via the forms on

Signage   Feel free to design your own posters and hang around campus, to advertise.  Save one version as a .JPG file, and upload to Tightrope.

Tightrope  The campus video display system.  Upload a flyer or use a system template for viewing in various buildings. Save on printing costs!

Directional signs  The Admissions Department has beautiful campus signage available for on-campus use.   One of the Campus Visit Assistant and Data Coordinators can assist you with choosing the appropriate items.  (Facilities staff may be required to move them around and return them to TOH, for additional charge.)

Master Calendar  The official college calendar should list all events. It can help everyone by avoiding overlapping events.

Bon Appetit Catering in Buntrock Commons must be provided by Bon Appetit, our foodservice company.  They have ‘first-right-of-refusal’ for any event.  They can customize your menu, deliver, serve, and pick up your treats. It makes sense to work with Bon Ap for all your on-campus food service needs.  (The Lion’s Pause can also provide food in or out of Buntrock Commons).

Hosting Minors  There may be times when your guests have some or all participants under the age of 18. This policy is lengthy, but there are links to get you the correct documentation for your event.  It’s all about keeping people safe.

Parking and Security Are your guests arriving in 12 passenger vans? Bicycles? Getting dropped off by bus? Public Safety is a good partner and can help you direct your guests and provide permits for daily parking.

Event Work Order (form)  A document sent around to key service areas at the college 3 weeks in advance of the event.

Showing a Film  Owning a copy of the movie does not grant permission to show it in a public space.

Need Help? Contact the Office of Student Activities – they can either help, or point you in the right direction.  507-786-3999.