Event Checklist

Date Selection  After reviewing the college’s Master Calendar, select your preferred date, time, and location.

Space Availability and Scheduling  Event space is generally reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, however the college reserves the right to move or suggest different areas. In this situation, someone will be in contact.

Major Event Dates   Major campus events take priority.  Events like Move-In Day, Homecoming, Founders Day, Family Weekend, Christmas Festival, etc may have restrictions placed on additional, concurrent activities.

Academic Calendar Conflicts  Please make every effort to avoid programming on key academic times like Faulty Quiet Week, Reading Day, and Finals Week.

Reserve Space  Select the preferred space based on the size and type of event to be hosted.  *All spaces are reserved via R25.  *Exceptions to this are the Lion’s Pause areas, Residence Hall spaces, and various spaces around campus that are not-reserveable.

NOTE: The room is not officially reserved until you receive a confirmation email back from a scheduler. Do not publicize the event until a confirmation has been received.  Keeping a copy of this email is a good idea.


Consider the set-up and technical needs.

Most meeting rooms have basic internet and projection technology built in. Some do not.

Is a presenter bringing in media? What format will it be in? Online? Flash drive? Laptop?  Ask!

Microphone needed?

Showing a movie? Do you have Public Performance Rights?



Submit the event to the Master Calendar  A simple fill-in form can be submitted to the campus calendar.  It’s a good place for both on and off-campus guests to find out more information about the program.

Rain or severe weather plans   Always good to have a back-up plan.

Amplified sound, if outside:  Be cognizant of time and place.  Amplified sound should not begin before 3pm, when classes (generally) end nor go past 9pm.  Outside amplification during Reading Day and Finals Weeks is prohibited.