Student Organizations Start Here

Congrats! Your student organization is planning an event on campus. Here are some resources to have and consider to make sure everything goes smoothly.


Small meetings or events:

  • Your event/meeting is attended primarily by on campus guests, 25 or fewer people
  • There are no (or minimal) Audio/Visual or setups for your event/meeting
  • Generally not open to the public

 Large meetings or events:

  • 26 or more people, may have both on and off-campus guests
  • Room set-ups and AV needs may vary from ‘standard sets’ or need to be changed, over the course of the schedule
  • Things like parking, signage, custodial services may be impacted
  • May include or impact Bon Appetit (catering or retail sales)


Reservations must be made as far in advance as possible. Keep in mind, that you should be updating your reservation to reflect the nature of your event. (i.e. if you were originally planning on 20 attendees, but have 80 register or if your technology needs change, etc.)

Office of Student Activities

Please set up an appointment with either the Director or Assistant Directors of Student Activities. These folks know the ins and outs of getting things done and can help with a lot of the details. The sooner the better!