Adding custom links

Custom links, unlike page links, redirect users to another website. To add a custom link, hover over “Appearance” and click on “Menus” within the WordPress menu on the left side.  In the tab marked “Edit Menus”, under “Add Menu Items”, click on the “Links” dropdown and add the URL and Link Text (as shown below). Click “Add to Menu”.

URL – The address of the website you want to direct users to.

Link Text (Label) – The title of the menu item in the navigation.

Your link is now an “item” and will be added to the Menu Structure section, which is laid out in a hierarchy format. You can move the location of your item by grabbing it and sliding it up and down within the structure.  Items within the structure will be indented if it is a sub-item within that menu; or a lower hierarchy.  Click the blue Save Menu button when completed.

You can remove or edit your item by clicking on the down arrow within the item.

Note: Use custom links to link to internal media files as well. If you need assistance, contact