Images & Video

Images & Video

Adding Images

Images can be added using the Image block. Once the block is added, the image can be selected from the pop-up Media Library window, or by inserting the url manually.

Adding Video

Video can be added to your page’s content in a few different ways. Video files cannot, however, be added to the media library, so it will need to be hosted elsewhere before you can embed it into your page.

  • If the video exists in St. Olaf’s multimedia collection, you can use the “Video” block and simply enter the ID. This block includes the option of adding multiple IDs, which will populate in a gallery below the current video.
  • If the video exists on YouTube, Vimeo, or some other hosting service, the “Embed” block allows for a URL or an “iframe” to be embedded to the page.
  • If you can’t get a video to display correctly, submit a ticket and we will help you add your video in the best way for your video’s format.