Fulbright How to Apply

Campus contact and fellowships advisor: Professor Douglas Casson x3484, casson@stolaf.edu, Co-Director of External Fellowships and Scholarships.


  • Meet with Professor Casson preferably in the fall of junior year to express interest and consider participating in “Fulbright Bootcamp” in April
  • Commitment to apply:  Early September (first you must request to be added to the Moodle page on the current academic year server)
  • Mandatory help sessions (dates TBD): All students must attend TWO help sessions; one per week. Sessions: end of September
  • Final St. Olaf deadline to submit application in EMBARK: end of September, 9 am
  • Interview with Fulbright Campus Committee: last week of September/first week of October
  • Final National deadline: Early  October

Fulbright St. Olaf Steps to Apply

1. Express Your Interest

Contact Professor Casson (x3484 or via email) as soon as possible. You are required to meet face to face PRIOR TO the commitment deadline. To have the most competitive application, you should be working with Professor Casson beginning in the spring of your JUNIOR year or, for alumni, the spring of the year PRIOR TO application. Professor Casson will provide access to the Moodle site and assess your eligibility for the Fulbright.

2. Participate in Fulbright Bootcamp

In the spring prior to application, students can participate in “Fulbright Bootcamp.” E-mail Professor Casson to express interest.

3. Commit to Apply

To commit to applying, please do the following: Print off, sign, scan, and upload the “Fellowships Permission Form and Waiver” in Moodle (on the most recent server). This document will represent your commitment to apply and must be completed by early September.

4. Attend Statement Help Sessions, mid to late September

It is mandatory that you attend at least two help sessions in September. To register prior to the help session, you will be sent a link to a GoogleDoc spreadsheet. A few special points about the spreadsheet:

  1. Follow the rules at the top of the spreadsheet.
  2. If you are off-campus studying abroad or an alum, it is not required that you attend a help session in person, however if you are in the Twin Cities area, you should make an effort to attend a session in person. If you are off-campus but would like to attend the help session virtually through Skype, please indicate this in the Google Sign-up and be sure to follow the instructions outlined at the top of the spreadsheet.
  3. The purpose of the RSVP is to determine the number of faculty and staff needed for support, so please do not RSVP for a session that you will not attend.

NOTE: You may still attend the help session if you did not make a reservation, but those who make a reservation will be given priority in the event that there are students who are waiting for faculty advice.

Statement Help Sessions in TOH 300 LEVEL will be determined and the info sent out.

5. Submit Application

Submit all application materials (see below) online using the iie application manager. Submission of your application will make it accessible for the campus committee to review.

Application Materials submitted by Applicant: 

  • Application Forms
  • Personal Statement
  • Statement of Grant Purpose
  • Official Transcripts Note: The applicant will not be required to pay for access to their St. Olaf Official Transcript if being used to apply to Fulbright.
  • Letter of Affiliation for research students (if applicable)
  • Foreign Language Self-Evaluation (if applicable)

Application Materials to come from other sources: Although these materials are to come from another source, you must still verify they have been uploaded into the Embark system.

  • Foreign Language Evaluation – completed and uploaded by faculty member. An evaluation for your command of the language of your chosen country.
  • Three Academic References – completed and uploaded online by referees.
    • For ETA applicants – A series of short answer questions focusing on the qualities that are essential to success for Fulbright ETAs from three recommenders
    • For Research/Study Grant applicants– A statement of reference in letter format from three recommenders.

6. Interview with Fulbright Campus Committee

ETA interviews and Research/Study Interviews will last approximately 20 minutes and will take place at the end of September.

If you will be out of the country/state for the interview dates, arrange a Skype interview with the Fulbright Program Advisor.