Lilly Fellowship

Lilly Fellowship

For information, or to apply contact Dr. Jason Marsh, Co-Director of External Fellowships and Scholarships.


The Lilly Graduate Fellows Program supports during the course of their graduate  education exceptionally well qualified young men and women who have bachelor’s degrees from LFP Network Schools and who wish to explore the connections between Christianity and the  vocation of teacher­/scholar or who want to teach at church-­related colleges and universities.   This is not a program intended to shelter graduate students from the academy; rather, the Lilly  Graduate Fellows Program is the only purposefully ecumenical program dedicated to developing  theologically informed teacher/scholars with vocational commitments to the academy and that  aims to situate these students within a network of church-­related institutions and ongoing  conversation about Christianity and higher learning.

The Lilly Fellows Program in Humanities and the Arts is funded by Valparaiso University, the  LFP National Network of church-­related colleges and universities, and a grant from the Lilly  Endowment Inc., an Indianapolis-­based private philanthropic foundation.

Materials Due By Initial Campus Deadline

To Apply for St. Olaf’s Nomination, please send a signed copy of the “Fellowships Permission Form & Waiver” to the fellowships advisor. Before doing so, you must first request access to the form by emailing the fellowships advisor directly at

Materials Due By The Final Campus Deadline

Along with the above information, the following will be submitted by the fellowships advisor  to Lilly Fellows after receiving from the applicant:

  • Final Essay (see Initial Application Form for Essay Guidelines)
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation