Student Nurses’ Association (SNA)

The St. Olaf Student Nurses’ Association (SNA) is an academic student organization on campus for those interested in pursuing a career in nursing. It is a nationally recognized chapter of the National Student Nurses’ Association.  SNA promotes the St. Olaf Nursing Program and nursing profession on campus by participating in National Nurses’ Week on campus every May.  The SNA hosts events such as blood pressure screenings and nursing skill simulations.  Members of SNA also have the opportunity to participate in service projects, attend fun fellowship events to develop a sense of community among class years, and be counseled as a prospective nursing major from those currently in the program.

Members are encouraged to:

The SNA Mission is to: provide professional and personal support and guidance to current and future St. Olaf nursing students through mentorship and fellowship. In addition, SNA strives to further the philosophy of holistic nursing through volunteer opportunities that enrich the mind, body, and spirits of Northfield residents.

The 2019-20 SNA Executive Board:  Lizzy Bauer (Co-President), Emily Bukowski (Co-President), Maddy Meyer (Secretary-Treasurer), Emily Otteson (Vice President), Rafa Al Helal (Outreach Chair).

SNA is inclusive of all class years. Meetings are monthly. If you have more questions, please speak with Lizzy Bauer (  or Mary Beth Kuehn, Advisor (