Alumni and students connecting at the 2016 Ole Law event sponsored by the Piper Center.

The Piper Center is pleased to support students and alumni interested in careers in the public or private sectors of the legal profession, such as environmental, civil rights, corporate, and criminal law. Through individual coaching appointments, workshops, and opportunities to explore the field, Oles build knowledge of the profession, strengthen professional skills, and build the foundation for a competitive application and a successful future career.


out of the top 10 law schools accepted St. Olaf graduates between 2015 and 2020 (U.S. News and World Report 2020).


Average St. Olaf law applicant LSAT score in 2020 compared to the national average of 153.


of St. Olaf graduates were accepted to law school in 2020 compared to the national average of 71%.

Pre-Law Internships and Experiences

Coaching and Resources

The Piper Center is eager to support you in finding pre-law internships and opportunities. Please stop by the Piper Center anytime during business hours to have an initial conversation with a Peer Advisor. When you are ready to go further and meet with our pre-law career coach Dana Rechtzigel, please schedule an appointment through Handshake.