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Funding Resources

The following is a summary of funding resources available for internships, research experiences, experiential learning, and other career enhancing experiences. Programs highlighted with an “*” are managed through the Piper Center for Vocation & Career.

Unpaid or Underpaid Internships and Research Experiences
*Piper Center Grant Award for Unpaid or Underpaid Internships (Interim or summer)
*Johnson Family Opportunity Fund (for students with high financial need)
*Public Affairs Conversation Grant (must be enrolled in the Public Affairs Conversation)
LUCE Grant (must be related to Asia and the environment)

St. Olaf Internship & Research Programs
*St. Olaf Cohort Programs (Interim and summer)
Mayo Innovation Scholars, Social Entrepreneurship Scholars, Svoboda Legal Scholars, etc.
*Pre-health Internship Programs
St. Olaf Summer Research Program (CURI)
Steen Fellowship (independent scholarship, investigation, and creativity, summer only)
Magnus the Good Collaborative Fellowships (student-faculty research collaborations, academic year)

Entrepreneurship (for-profit or social venture)
*Entrepreneurial Grants
*Ole Cup Entrepreneurial Competition
*Davis Projects for Peace

Career Enhancing Experiences (internships, research, graduate school, interviews, etc.)
*Johnson Family Opportunity Fund (for students with high financial need)

Conference Attendance
Academic Conferences
Co-Curricular Conferences 

Fellowship Opportunities and Resources

Funding Outside of St. Olaf
Outside Funding Opportunities