Major Events and Opportunities


Career Exploration & Alumni Connections

Ole Suite Events

Ole Biz – October 4th 2018
Ole Social Impact – February 12th 2019
Ole STEM – February 26th 2019

Alumni Panel Events

MIITA – Making it in the Arts: Entrepreneurship for Artists – September 18th 2018
“I Want to Help People” and 40th Anniversary of the Social Work Department – September 21st 2018
MIITA – Making it in the Arts: Auditioning – October 24th 2018
MIITA – Making it in the Arts: Portfolios – February 28th 2019
Beyond the Hill (April 2019) – series of alumni panels and speakers offered by the Piper Center in partnership with the Taylor Center for Equity and Inclusion and the Center for Advising and Academic Support

Connections Program

Chicago (Fall Break) – consulting, advertising & PR, social impact
Denver(Spring Break) – healthcare, environment & sustainability
Los Angeles (Interim Break) – film & television
San Francisco (Interim Break) – technology & entrepreneurship
Washington, DC (Spring Break) – government & public policy, international organizations, NGO & nonprofits, think tanks

Job and Internship Fairs

Recruiting Showcase– September 17th 2018
Pre-Health & STEM Internship Showcase – October 9th 2018
MCUCSA Government & Non-Profit Career Fair – October 19th 2018
Seminary & Divinity Fair – November 15th 2018
Student Employment Fair – February 11th 2019
Ole Social Impact Job, Internship, and Volunteer Opportunity Fair– February 12th 2019
Camp Fair – February 13th 2019
Minnesota Private College Job & Internship Fair – February 21st 2019

Funding Opportunities

Finstad Entrepreneurial Grant
Johnson Family Educational Opportunity Fund
Internship Grant Award
Internship Cohort Programs
Ole Cup Entrepreneurial Competition

Class Year & Cohort Specific Programs

Quo Vadis Sophomore Retreat – October 26-27 2018