What can I do with a major in … ?

The answer to “What can I do with a major in [fill in the major of your choice]?” is “just about anything.”

That’s what’s so great about a liberal arts education.  Your general education courses will give you breadth across a range of disciplines, and your major will give you depth.  When you add the skills you’re learning you will graduate with a foundation that can support many different paths.

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St. Olaf Internship Database

Includes over 1400 internships submitted by graduating seniors from the past five years. Each internship was highlighted as one of their top two most significant professional development experiences.

First Destination Database (first jobs, graduate school/education and service programs by major)

Includes first employment, graduation school/education or service program activities of graduates from the classes from 2014-19.
Information can be sorted by major, concentration, domestic/international student, employer, institution, degree type, etc.

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