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Meet with a Coach in the Piper Center — Thando Kunene supports students interested in nonprofit and social impact careers.


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A Note about the Nonprofit and Social Impact Hiring Cycle

With the exception of selective gap year and service programs, the majority of nonprofit, social services, and social impact organizations hire on an “as-needed basis”. This means that full-time job opportunities are posted and made available in order to fill an immediate need or vacancy in the organization. For this reason, students seeking full-time, entry-level employment at these organizations will apply for opportunities typically no earlier than March of the senior year. Internship hiring in these organization typically does not occur before the January prior to the summer internship term.

In order to enhance the likelihood of success in the nonprofit job and internship search, students should take advantage of the preceding summer and fall to begin connecting and networking with professionals in their field. These relationships can be leveraged to support the student’s search in the spring and mid-winter months. Students can network with alumni at on-campus networking events or individually through informational interviews.   For more information on the nonprofit job and internship search, please make an appointment with Thando Kunene through Handshake.

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  • Meet with a coach in the Piper Center — Kristi Kehrwald supports students who are interested in pursuing opportunities related to ministry, and Thando Kunene supports students who are interested in participating in service programs, including those which are faith-based.
  • You may find it helpful to discuss your interest in ministry with a pastor, religious leader, spiritual director, or other members of your community, church, and/or family. Here at St. Olaf, consider speaking with pastors Matt Marohl and Katie Fick in College Ministry.
  • A Seminary and Divinity School Fair will be held on campus during Fall Semester 2018. This event provides a good opportunity for students to discuss seminary and divinity school programs with representatives from a wide variety of programs. Search for this event on Handshake for the most recent information.

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