Welcome to Student Employment!

St. Olaf employs nearly 2,000 eligible students each year through the student employment program. These experiences provide students with the opportunity to gain professional skills and build relationships while earning money toward their higher education expenses. 

Students with questions about their Federal Work-Study eligibility or work award should contact the Financial Aid Office at (507) 786-3019

NOVEMBER 17, 2023 – JANUARY 1, 2024 UPDATE

As part of the system change to Oracle, the college will undergo a data freeze. This will affect student employment in the following ways:

  • Student job board is currently closed
  • Work authorizations are disabled
  • Hiring will resume January 2nd, 2024 and take place in the new Oracle platform. More information to come.
Standard Wages

Entry – $11.25 / Mid – $11.75 / High – $12.25 / Other – $13.00

Food Services

$13/$14/$15 per hour w/step-in-wages for years of service in Bon App.

3.08 Million

Student Employment Budget for AY 2023-2024

Work Study Process

The student employment process is conducted in a simplified process consisting of eligibility determination, job searching, job offers, trainings, and time entries.  Hiring managers recruit, selection, onboarding, and training processes based on individual departmental discretion as work environment and needs differ throughout campus.  Human Resources oversees the program to ensure compliance with the college and Federal Student Aid standards.

LinkedIn Learning Free for Students

St. Olaf College and the Northfield Public Library have partnered to provide students, staff, and faculty with access to the LinkedIn Learning library.  Using your NF library card number and pin you will be able to access the entire LinkedIn Learning services.

Student Employment Wage Structure (2023-2024/Summer 2024)

The Student Employment wage structure was created to move towards an equitable and fair compensation for work on and off-campus.  Consisting of three-tiers, supervisors are able to assign the appropriate wages based on job type, skills required, and leadership or supervisory roles.  In addition, Food Services’ positions are assigned higher wages with an added step-in-grade for returning employees.


Feel free to reach out to the offices listed here with any questions regarding student employment, necessary forms, payments, and job searching!

Supervisor Resources

Hiring managers and supervisors access.

Oracle FAQ’s

More information will be provided soon.