Student Payroll

Time Entry System

Time Entry System

Please ensure you are entering your time as you work. Timecards are due midnight Sunday following the end of the pay period. This will allow time for your supervisor to approve the timecard by Monday at noon the week of the pay date.

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Payroll Schedules

Academic Year Student 2022-23
Summer Student 2021-22

Pay Statement

Pay Statement

You can view your pay stub through the Student Information System (SIS) by going to Financials and then Pay Stubs in the menu. Effective July 1, 2019, Minnesota enacted the Wage Theft Law with new requirements for pay statements. Please contact Payroll if you are in need of a copy of any pay statement.
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Tax Information

Completing Form W-4 income tax withholding 

The Payroll Office cannot advise you on what to claim for your income tax withholding. Please review the following instructions for further guidance and resources.
Income tax withholding instructions

Claiming Exempt from income tax withholding on your form W-4

The Payroll Office cannot advise you on what to claim for your income tax withholding. Please review the following instructions if you elect to claim exempt on your IRS and Minnesota form W-4.
Exempt from income tax withholding instructions

Unemployment Insurance Benefits and Student Work (academic and summer)

The State of Minnesota considers work performed as a student employee as “Non-covered employment” and is not eligible to be included in any claim for unemployment benefits. For more information, see

FICA Exemption

In order to be eligible for the FICA Exemption, a student must be enrolled and regularly attending classes in at least half time of credits for that semester. The employee-employer relationship must be primarily educational. If a student is registered for the following semester, the student will be eligible for the FICA exemption if the break is less than five weeks. If a student works during a school break of more than five weeks, the student will not be eligible for a FICA exemption if the student is not attending classes during the break. This information can be found on the IRS Revenue Procedure 2005-11, page 14

International Student Information for Payroll

Glacier – Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance System
Setting up your Glacier account – St. Olaf College uses Glacier software to capture your residency status for tax purposes, determine treaty exemption status, create the 1042-S tax documents and assist with actually filing nonresident alien taxes.
Treaty Renewal Process – treaty exemptions need to be renewed every calendar year. You will receive email reminders in December from Payroll as well as the Glacier software when you will need to complete this process.
What is going to be taxed?
Tax Withholding – (See Information Regarding the Withholding of Tax on Non-Resident Alien section)
Employment On-Campus