Enrollment and Credit Limit Changes

To Obtain a Card

  1. Please review the Purchase Card Compliance Section and the Business Office Policy Remindersbefore completing the enrollment for a new purchase card.
  2. Complete the Cardholder Enrollment Data Form
  3. Review Purchase Card Training materials upon receipt of your purchase card. A training can be scheduled with Accounts Payable if desired.

Your budget manager, the person responsible for budget oversight for a particular department, program, activity, organization, or grant, should be listed as the Supervisor in the enrollment process. The Accounts Payable Office will be notified once your supervisor has approved your credit card request.

You will receive your college purchase card within 3-5 business days after your application is submitted to Wells Fargo. As you use your card, please contact the Purchase Card Administrator if you have any questions.

When you receive your card, sign the back of the card and always keep it in a secure place. Cards remain the property of the College and are only to be used for College purchases/travel as defined in this policy and the Travel and Business Expense Policy. VISA will automatically renew the card before it expires (generally three years).

To Change a Credit Limit

It is the College’s intent to keep credit limits low to minimize our risk. We are better able to achieve this if we can minimize the limits that we have on cards, rather than authorizing large limits that are only needed on rare occasions. You may request a temporary or permanent credit limit change using the following form. Requests may take 2-3 business days before they take effect.