Transfer Requests

Transfer requests are used to facilitate the process of transferring funds from one accounting unit/account to another accounting unit/account. There are three primary reasons for transferring funds.

  • Corrections – Use the form to correct erroneous charges to an accounting unit or accounts within the accounting unit.
  • Departmental charges – Use the form to charge other departments for expenses/reimbursements by crediting an expense in your budget or using account 61900.
  • Accounts Payable Corrections – Use the form to correct a check that was issued and charged to the wrong unit/account.

The Business Office now has the ability to receive transfer request information online. The online transfer request saves you time and reduces manual data entry.  Please use the new online version. Only use the paper version if you have problems with the online transfer request. Contact Enning Zhang at 507-786-3174 in the Business Office with any questions or issues.

Transfer Request Form – (online)
Transfer Request Form – (paper, use only if problems with online version)