Business Office



The mission of the Business Office is to provide accurate and timely financial services, with exceptional customer support for the college community, while acting as a steward of the college’s resources.

Business Office Departments



➤Maintains the financial reporting of the College. ➤Responsible for compliance with laws and regulations including Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).
➤Develops and monitors internal controls.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

➤Responsible for disbursement of funds to vendors, employees, students, and other constituents of the College.
➤Responsible for oversight and administration of the St. Olaf Purchase Card Program.
➤Maintains policies and oversight of travel for faculty, staff, and students.



➤Responsible for timely and accurate processing of the College’s staff, faculty and student payroll.
➤Maintains compliance with IRS, state, and other appropriate regulations.
➤Assists nonresident alien students and international visitors with proper taxation and reporting.
➤Generates the Wage and Tax Statement Form W-2 and Foreign Person’s U.S. Source Income Statement Form 1042-S.

Student Accounts

Student Accounts

➤Responsible for accurate reporting and billing of student tuition balances.
➤Coordinates the billing, waiver, and enrollment of the St. Olaf student health insurance program.
➤Processes tuition refunds requested by students.
➤Generates the IRS Form 1098-T for the appropriate students.

Policies & Procedures

Access important policies including tax exempt, travel and business, privacy, vehicle use, and more! Learn about campus accounting, purchasing, and fundraising procedures, too.
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Access all business forms, as well as a list of the most commonly used account numbers. While you may print, sign and scan all documents, online fill-in forms are only available for some documents.
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St. Olaf Budget Guide

Access budget basics, budget management, financial software, cash management, purchasing and cash disbursements, endowment information, and budget resources.
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Lawson Web

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Learn more about the Web-based access to Lawson operating budget accounting reports. If you have any questions about the reports, please email Angie Mathews.

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