Business Office Forms

All Business Office forms, as well as a list of the most commonly used account numbers, can be found on this web site. The forms on this web site are the only forms that will be accepted in the Business Office. Please do not alter them in any way.

While you may print, sign and scan all documents, online fill-in forms are available for some documents. Downloading a copy of the document and clicking the signature box will allow signers to apply a certified electronic signature. If multiple signatures are required the first signer must download, sign and save the document to a shared folder accessible by the second signer. That signer then opens, signs, and saves the document.

The complete Lawson number must be on all accounting forms submitted to the Business Office. This number should include the company, unit, and account (xxxxxxxxxxxxx). If the complete Lawson number is not on the form, we may have to send it back to you, which could delay the processing.

You may find Accounting Policies and Procedures, the Quick Reference Guide – Policy Reminders Cheat Sheet, some of the Most Frequently Used Accounts, and a Cheat Sheet for Accounting Period listed here helpful.

Accounts Payable

Cash Advance

Cash Deposit

Fixed Assets



Purchase Card

Student Related

Transfer Requests