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Supervisor Resources

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Process at a Glance

A job description needs to be on file for all student employment positions. Create a job description for your position, or edit an existing job description from our archive.

You can use this job description template or refer to the guide.

Job archive

All positions must be posted to provide students an equal opportunity to apply. Please note, you do not need to post a position if a previously hired student continues in a position.

Job Postings


Interview applicants and select the best candidate for the job based on the qualifications set forth in the job posting.

sample interview questions

Work authorizations must include the actual start and end dates versus the entire academic year if that does not accurately reflect the expectations of the position. Information from the work authorization feeds the Minnesota Wage Notice that will generate to the student.

send Work authorization

All students are required to complete employment paperwork before their first day of work. Do not let the student work until this paperwork is completed. Typically, a student will only need to complete these forms once during their time at St. Olaf.

All students are required to complete safety training each academic year and summer they work on campus. The majority of training can be completed via a Moodle course. Please review the training matrix to assist in knowing what training is required for your student employee(s). Additional information can be found below.

Training matrix

Hours should be logged after each shift the student works using the Time Entry System (TES). At the end of the pay period, the student and supervisor will need to review the timecard for accuracy and approve it. If there is an error, please reject the timecard with an explanation so the student can correct the error. Students should not approve other students timecards.


Establish expectations at the start of each academic year/summer. Manage student employee performance by using the review/check-in format and/or the GROW at St. Olaf model. 

If a student chooses to end their employment, please notify studentemployment right away and an end date will be added in TES.

Supervisor Training Sessions

Resources for Student Employment Supervisors

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