Supervisor Resources

Helpful Resources

Job Description Template

  • Use this template to create a job description for your student employment position.

Posting a Job

  • All job postings are created and displayed online.
  • Remember to remove your posting when the position has been filled.
  • If you need further assistance to fill your vacancy, contact the Student Employment Coordinator.

Send an Employment Authorization

  • All students must be sent an employment authorization. The acceptance of the authorization triggers the creation of a time card in the Time Entry System.

Logging Hours

  • Students are required to log their hours through the Time Entry System (TES) for each shift.
  • Hours should be entered after each shift worked.

Payment Information

  • The hours will be paid after they have been submitted by the student and approved by the supervisor.
  • Students have the option of receiving their earnings directly into a bank account or as a credit on their tuition account.
  • Student employees are paid bi-weekly. Click here to view pay dates. Students may view their pay statements  through the Student Information System (SIS) by choosing “Financials” and then “Pay Stubs”.

Supervisor Handbook

Learn about the following topics by viewing the Supervisor Handbook.

  • Required Paperwork
  • Time Entry System
  • Payroll Schedule, Wage Rate and Scheduling Hours
  • Holiday Pay
  • Rest and Meal Periods
  • Stipends
  • Methods of Payment
  • Understanding the Pay Statement
  • Summer Student Employment
  • International Student Employment
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Disabilities
  • Sexual Harassment, Misconduct and Assault
  • Family Members
  • Expectations of Student Employees
  • Involuntary Dismissial

Hours Needed to Fulfill Work Award


Student Work Award Amount

$1,000 $1,200 $1,500 $1,800 $2,000 $2,300 $2,700
$9.90 3.2 hrs 3.8 hrs 4.7 hrs 5.7 hrs 6.3 hrs 7.3 hrs 8.5 hrs
$10.00* 3.1 hrs 3.7 hrs 4.6 hrs 5.6 hrs 6.2 hrs 7.2 hrs 8.4 hrs

* Special skills/supervisor/Community-Based Student Employment wage

Hours per week are based on the work award limit and 32 weeks per academic year.