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Entrepreneurship at St. Olaf seeks to support all students as they brainstorm, collaborate, and connect over meaningful ideas. Students practice the skills used by entrepreneurs and discover how to embrace failure, learning from mistakes and from refining ideas. We coach students to use their liberal arts education to come up with innovative solutions to complex problems. We, in turn, provide the support, guidance and connections that students need to be successful. When Oles persevere, their ideas change lives.


Entrepreneurship-related courses at St. Olaf


Semifinalists, four top-threes, and one winner in the Minnesota Cup (Student Division)

Creating Opportunities for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Learning About Entrepreneurship


Tina Rexing ’95 is the owner of T-Rex Cookie & Coffee Café. Rexing decided she was tired of working in corporate America, so she chose to do what she loves — bake cookies.

Put Your Ideas into Action

Meet Margaret Bransford, Associate Director of Entrepreneurship & Outreach

Margaret is a strategic advisor, entrepreneur, and coach who draws from her background in science and consulting to coach students and help build the entrepreneurial ecosystem at St. Olaf. In collaboration with faculty, the DiSCO, and the Piper Center for Vocation & Career, she cultivates innovation and design thinking, prompts students when they are stuck, helps them to critically evaluate problems and ideas, and coaches them through failure. Have an idea? Connect with Margaret Bransford at bransfl@stolaf.edu or attend a workshop.

Entrepreneurship Partners in Minnesota and Abroad

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