Entrepreneurship Programming

Spring 2019 Programs: Spark Your Venture Series

Wednesdays, 3-5pm 1-1 | Entrepreneurship Coaching
Meet with Margaret for 1-1 sessions during her open office hours to get individual feedback on ideas, business plan components, and pitches. If this time doesn’t work with your schedule, email her at bransf1@stolaf.edu for a 1-1 meeting outside of regular office hours.

Individual Meetings Tailored Marketing Plan Support
Student and marketing consultant Aaron Lauby will provide 1-1 guidance on market research, branding, and outreach for your business. Each team should meet with Aaron at least once for a half an hour consultation.

February 20, 26, 27, March 5, 6, 12 | Business Plan Fundamentals (6:30pm-8:00pm)
Now that you have your idea, how do you know for sure that it will be feasible in the marketplace? Basic business plans help you to think through all of the components of moving from idea generation to business execution. In this session, you will learn about each component of a business plan that will help you organize and implement your venture, whether you are planning a side hustle, going for investor funding, or kickstarting a social venture. This is a critical component for eligibility in the Ole Cup competition in April.

March 13, 19, 20 | Business Plan Review & Refine (6:00pm-8:00pm)
Once you have a completed business plan, faculty and staff will review it and Margaret will provide 1-1 feedback to you and your team. In addition, these sessions will allow you to critique your peers’ work and give them constructive advice to improve their product, plan, or initial pitch.

April 2-3, 9-10, 16-17 | Pitch Readiness (Individual Sessions, available between 5:00pm-9:00pm)
In preparation for the Ole Cup, these sessions will help you prepare an impactful pitch deck and oral presentation. Coaches from the Piper Center and DiSCO will work 1-1 with you to build and refine your pitch.

May 1, 8 | After the Cup (6:30pm-8:00pm)
Win or lose, what should I do with my venture idea now that the Ole Cup is over? As a group, we will brainstorm and help each other decide what is next.

Ole Cup 2019 – Information & Requirements

Ole Cup will take place on Saturday, April 27 2019 from 9:00am-12:30pm. Prior to the Cup, you must submit an Executive Summary by April 1, 2019, and a Business Plan by April 14, 2019. You must also attend the following:

  • One Business Plan Basics session, one Business Plan Review Session, OR 1-1 with Margaret, and one Marketing Consultation with Aaron Lauby, prior to April 1 2019.
  • At least one Pitch Readiness session during the month of April