Ole Career Launcher

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Programs 2021-2022

Foreign Affairs Careers

Gain industry insights and develop analytical writing skills through workshops led by Alumni drop in expert, Claire Campbell.

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Strategy Case Challenge

Participate in a consulting case challenge with regional start-up clients and receive training on Excel and professional communication.

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Equity & Inclusion in Student Employment

Intensive program developed by the Taylor Center and Human Resources.

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Marketing, Advertising, Digital Design

Prepare portfolio products in marketing, advertising, and digital design in partnership with DiSCO.

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Work of Art

Four-week workshop series to provide business skills for artists.

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Nonprofit Microcredential

Develop skills related grant-writing, fundraising, evaluation and advocacy through workshops and projects.

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Google Data Analytics + Mini‑internship with Ovative

Explore concepts of marketing, market strategy, social media, and consumer behavior through a 160-hour Google Data Analytics certification and a mini-internship with Ovative Group.

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Investigative Journalism

Discuss issues of equity & inclusion in journalism with experts, Gretchen Morgenson and Karla Hult.

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Pillars of Wall Street

Learn and develop skills in Excel and engage in active learning related to forecasting and financial valuation through an online training program

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Foundations of Real Estate (FoRE) Certification

Offered by the the Urban Land Institute (ULI), the program is designed to deliver a substantive introduction to the fundamental issues and concepts in commercial real estate.


Why Ole Career Launcher?

Students’ experience with the Ole Career Launcher will enable them to enter the workforce with an unbeatable combination of technical career readiness, applied problem solving, an innovation mindset, and an understanding of how equity and inclusion support more innovative and impactful outcomes.

Program Overview


There are four main components of the Ole Career Launcher:

Skill –Develop technical, career oriented skills.
Experience– Apply technical skills to a practical case, project, or internship.
Network – Connect with Alumni Experts and Career Coaches.
Mindset – Engage with equity and inclusion issues specific to the industry of interest; innovation mindset for self-awareness and growth.
Skill Development
Adaptable Offerings
Industry Specific

Experiential Component
Talent Development
Increasing Access
Practical Application

Network Connection
Alumni Experts
Industry Connection
Network Practice

Innovation Mindset
Design Thinking
Diversity in the Workplace
Self Assessment

Experiential Component

78% of employers say that employment no longer depends solely on degree or academic major, but rather includes a candidate’s experience, practical sense, and ability to do the job. 



Many of our distinguished Alumni have expressed interest in supporting students through the years–Ole Career Launcher provides the opportunity for Alumni to give back to students in a direct way.
  • Experts-in-Residence – experts facilitate a series of workshops, project leadership and network connection opportunities.
  • Drop-in Experts – experts share specific industry knowledge and skills in a masterclass setting with students culminating in a reflection and actionable steps.
  • Expert Connectors – alumni (in a particular industry and/or geographic area) navigate an immersive career exploration and connection experience for interested students.
  • Expert Coaches – alumni coach students interested in entering or growing within their industry of expertise.

Equity & Inclusion and Innovation Mindset

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion is foundational to the Ole Career Launcher programs. In today’s workplace, there is a critical need for employees to understand how issues of DEI impact their work, and the work of their colleagues. Through exposure to DEI within their industry, students will learn that teams with many backgrounds and perspectives result in better outcomes, and encourage active listening, empathy, and connection.
The Ole Career Launcher is part of the Piper Center for Vocation and Career.  We partner with offices such as the Taylor Center for Equity and Inclusion, the Digital Scholarship Center, Alumni and Parent Relations and the college’s Entrepreneurship team, bringing together best practices from all focus areas.

Interim 2022

Spring & Summer 2022