Oles explore fine arts, finance, journalism, and publishing careers as part of the 2017 New York Connections Program.

Students interested in the arts can pursue many different careers — from performance, mastery of a craft, arts management, and creative writing, to professional careers such as architecture, graphic design, or landscape design — and many, many more! Talk to people, try things out, and meet with Piper Center coaches to develop a strategy to identify your career trajectories. Use your creativity to find a career path that is just right for you.

Internships and Experience in the Arts


2019-2020 5th Year Emerging Artists Kali Breska, Peter McCrae-Hokenson, David Morrison, and Margaret Lindahl.

Coaching and Resources

The arts encompasses many possible career areas and roles — some students may wish to be a practicing artist or performer, while others may want to work in supportive roles such as those found in arts administration. Still others may want to work in larger industries, such as film, media, or fashion. 

The Piper Center is eager to support you in finding internships and research related to the arts. Please stop by the Piper Center anytime during business hours to have an initial conversation with a Peer Advisor. When you are ready to go further and meet with our arts career coach Bryan Shealer, please schedule an appointment through Handshake.

Skills Guide (LinkedIn Learning): Arts & Arts Administration

Professional Associations and Industry Information


Ole students networking with alumni who work for the New York Times during the 2017 New York City Connections Trip.