Interview Guide

Congratulations!  Your resume and cover letter have caught the attention of an employer who would like to interview you.

Employers and professional/graduate schools conduct interviews in order to:

  • Figure out whether you would be a good fit
  • Find out whether you are really interested
  • Confirm that you are qualified for the role

These tips will help you get ready so that you are prepared and confident.


In US culture, there are specific norms and behaviors that are expected of candidates during the interview process. Throughout this guide, you will encounter suggestions for professional behavior that will help you navigate the interview process with ease and confidence.

At the Piper Center, we believe it is important to acknowledge the cultural specificity of these professional expectations and behaviors. Behaviors such as maintaining eye contact, shaking hands, and engaging in overt self-promotion may run counter to the values and approach of non-US cultures.

As a career center, we stress that culturally diverse candidates bring with them a host of positive assets that uniquely position them for success in an increasingly global and culturally diverse employment sector. The guidance contained here seeks to help you accentuate these assets while shedding light on tactics for navigating norms of professional behavior in the US context.

If you have questions about professional expectations and behaviors, set up an appointment to talk to a Piper Center coach.