Follow up: what do you do next?

Following up by phone or email

On an application…

“Good morning/afternoon/evening.  This is __________, and I am calling to follow up on _________  [name of position].  I recently sent in my letter of application, resume and references, and I am wondering when the search committee will begin reviewing applications.  How will applicants be contacted for an interview?”

“My name is ______________, and I am applying for the ___________[name of position].  I am calling to make sure that my application file is complete and to find out when the interviewing process will begin.”

On an interview…

“My name is _____________, and I am calling about the __________ [name of position]. I was interviewed by __________ [name of person who interviewed you], on ________ [date] at __________ [location of interview].  I would like to ask about the current status of my application.”