Thank you notes: Why do you need to send a thank you note?

Sending a thank you note may make the difference between getting — or not getting — an offer of employment or admission to a program.

Many candidates forget to send thank you notes.  Interviewers remember candidates who send thank you notes, especially handwritten notes.

Thank you notes

  • Express appreciation for the interviewer’s time and interest in you
  • Personalize the experience by including a specific anecdote from the interview
  • Reinforce your enthusiasm for the position and the organization
  • Remind the organization of the benefits you will bring (one sentence!  Don’t overdo it!)
  • Include information requested by the employer (proposed start date, expense report)

Steps to follow

  • Send a thank you note to each person with whom you interviewed
  • Use a proper greeting, salutation, and paragraph structure
  • Proofread the note many times
  • Ask a second person to review the note for spelling or other errors
  • Send your note as soon as possible but no later than 48 hours after the interview
  • Send a handwritten note to make the most impact
    — You can send a typed note or an email, but it will be less effective
    — You may send an email if the opportunity is far away — i.e., overseas.

Follow up: your interview is over. What do you do next?