Meet our Coaches

Coaching Specialty Areas

Students: please select the appropriate coach when you request an appointment through Handshake.

First Meeting with the Piper Center (First Years and Sophomores): Kristi Kehrwald Adair, Molly Hovden, Paul Edwards or Nate Jacobi

Undecided/Exploring: Kristi Kehrwald Adair, Molly Hovden or Paul Edwards
Bryan Shealer, Hector Aguilar or Kirsten Cahoon
Education: Molly Hovden 
Entrepreneurship and Ole Cup: Margaret Bransford (office near DiSCO)
Environment and Sustainability: Nate Jacobi
Fine Arts: Bryan Shealer
Graduate School: Kaia Preus (personal statements), Paul Edwards (STEM), Katie Hughes (health professions, law), Kirsten Cahoon (business)
Media/Communications: Kirsten Cahoon
Ministry and Religion: Kristi Kehrwald Adair
Nonprofits & Social Impact: Molly Hovden or Kristi Kehrwald Adair
Gap Year/Service Programs: Molly Hovden or Kristi Kehrwald Adair
Government: Molly Hovden
Pre-Health: Katie Hughes
Pre-Law: Katie Hughes
Science, Research, Data Science, and Technology: Paul Edwards (primary) or Nate Jacobi (secondary)
Alumni Career Coaching: Jenele Grassle

Academic Internship Registration Process: see here
Academic Internship Questions: Marietta Ruppe and Nate Jacobi